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Salary & Benefits


Program Year

Annual Salary







Stipends are subject to change without notice*


Health, dental, and vision insurance are provided by the University for the residents and their dependents. University-paid, term life insurance in the amount of $25,000 and accidental death and dismemberment insurance in the amount of $25,000 are also provided to the residents. Long-term disability with a 30-day waiting period is also included as part of this benefits package. Details are available through Kristal Perez at the Office of Medical Education at 714-456-3526.

Residents are provided with professional liability coverage for all activities, which are approved components of the Family Medicine Residency Program.

*Effective  07/1/16

Vacation and Educational Leave

Each resident is allowed four weeks away from work per academic year. Vacation has to be used during the year – it may not be rolled over into the next academic year and it can not be borrowed from the next year. These rules are enforced by the ABFM. If a resident misses any additional time apart from vacation due to personal reasons, their vacation time may be reduced accordingly or time will be added to the end of their training. This is important – failure to graduate by June 30 of the R-3 year will usually result in a delay in the ABFM Boards examination, or nullify a boards exam taken in April.

Vacation is taken one week at a time and extends from Monday at 12:01 AM to Monday at 12:01 AM. However, two consecutive weeks can sometimes be taken, for example, at the end of one rotation block and the beginning of the next (R3’s only). Some rotations do not allow any vacations (see rotation descriptions, below). Priority for vacations and vacation selection are determined at the outset of the year.

Vacation Changes Policy: 1 per year, must be requested greater than 2 months from anticipated vacation. Must find own coverage for wards, backup. Must be approved by Program Director and Administrative Chief Resident.

As a courtesy to residents, we will try to give residents the weekend before a requested vacation off whenever possible. Residents, however, are not guaranteed any time off in excess of the seven days.


All residents receive 20 days of vacation/education leave and eight days of sick leave.

Malpractice insurance is provided at no charge.

Health, life and disability insurance are part of your comprehensive benefits package.

Licensing & Exam Stipend 

Each resident receives up to $1000 per academic year for expenses for California medical licensure, USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX 3 is provided.

Educational Expenditure Stipend 

Each resident receives up to $1000 per academic year for board study materials, conference registration/travel, journals, books, etc., as per Department of Family Medicine reimbursement policy.