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The UC Irvine Family Medicine Residency Program is based in Orange County, one of the nation’s most attractive regions. Directly south of Los Angeles, Orange County is a land of intense natural beauty and spectacular scenic contrast, from the colorful marine and beach life along the coastline of its western border to the snow-capped mountains two hours inland. The location, combined with its mild climate, make Orange County an ideal home for those who love the outdoors.  

Orange County also offers a vibrant economy and excellent schools. Cultural opportunities abound, both within the county and in Los Angeles and San Diego, both one-to-two hours away. There is a large entertainment/dining/shopping complex across the street from UC Irvine Medical Center. 

The UC Irvine Family Health Center (FHC) Santa Ana is located in downtown Santa Ana, which is a central point in Orange County. The FHC’s central location, along with the fact that the UC Irvine Medical Center and Orange County Global Medical Center are just a few miles away, allows UC Irvine residents to live in a wide variety of communities across Orange County. Santa Ana itself is a culturally diverse city of more than 300,000 people. It is also a young community, with a mean age of 26 years old.