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A Welcome Message From the Chair

Emily Dow, MD
Dr. Emily Dow, acting chair of the Department of Family Medicine

It is an honor and a privilege to be a family physician and to care for those who entrust their health to us.  My personal philosophy of medicine in general and family medicine in particular is that it is a profession of service.

Family physicians make a commitment to caring for the whole person and entire families no matter the age or setting.  We are the ones who connect the dots of fragmented care and fill in the gaps for those who fall through the cracks.  We are the ones who coordinate and manage chronic illnesses, as well as guide people to health and wellness.

As family physicians, we are uniquely positioned to be patient advocates, to speak up for health and social justice.  We are at the forefront of health policy and promoting the belief that health is a fundamental human right, and that everyone should have equal access to the highest quality health care.

At UC Irvine Health Family Medicine and Geriatrics, we aim to provide compassionate care that focuses on improving the health of individuals and families within the context of each individual’s culture and environment. Our first priority is patient care.

As an academic department, we also aim to provide innovative teaching and promote lifelong learning. We pursue research opportunities and support our faculty, residents, and students in their effort to investigate their areas of interest.

Our strength is our faculty members who have diverse interests and talents in areas such as geriatrics, integrative medicine, medical humanities, sports medicine, women’s health and care of the underserved. We are specialists in comprehensive holistic care, and we love teaching and sharing our knowledge and skills with our patients and learners.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our wish is to attract the most outstanding students to the field of family medicine, to graduate the best trained residents to serve the community, to support the work of our existing talented faculty and recruit other leaders, all in our effort to bring the highest quality primary care to our patients and communities.

Wishing you good health,

Emily Dow, MD
Clinical Professor and Acting Chair
Department of Family Medicine
University of California, Irvine