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Welcome Dr. Juliet McMullin

Dr. Juliet McMullin
Dr. Juliet McMullin

1. Where did you grow up? Costa Mesa, CA

2. Medical School/Graduate School – PhD is from UCI

3. Postdoctoral Work – Postdoc from UCLA

4. Current Practice/School – Medical Humanities and Medical Anthropology

5. Special Interests – medical narrative and artistic forms of expression, health equity, social justice, and community engaged research

6. Personal Interests – popular culture (comics and science fiction), jewelry making/metalsmithing

7. Fun Fact about yourself – I participated in a voice sampling for the film Tron: Legacy.

8. Why did you choose UCI? When the job posting for a position in Medical Humanities and Arts became available, I knew that it was a role I had been working towards for years. During the interview process, I learned more about the people and their commitments to inclusion and health equity. I was completely inspired. UCI’s passion for generosity and innovation make it the perfect place to be.

9. Future plans? I am looking forward to meeting more people and collaboratively imagining what’s next for Medical Humanities and Arts at UCI.

10. Anything else you'd like to share about yourself? I am really looking forward to being able to travel again