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Nina Tsai, M.D.

Nina Tsai, M.D. Class of 2019

Medical School:

St. Louis University School of Medicine

Hometown: Monterey Park, California

Why UC Irvine: I chose UC Irvine because it offers many opportunities to be involved in both community and academic medicine. On my interview day, I liked the program for its commitment to and advocacy for the underserved. I also enjoy teaching students and saw how involved the attendings and residents were in education. Lastly I get to be back in Sunny SoCal where most of my family lives.

Hobbies: playing the piano and the cello, learning Spanish, going to concerts/art shows

Interesting Fact: I collect magnets from all the places I've been to, near and far.

Future Plans: Working in an outpatient setting and serving a diverse population.