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James Suchy, M.D.

James Suchy, M.D. Class of 2018


Laguna Beach, California


UC Berkeley

Medical School:

UC Irvine School of Medicine

Why UC Irvine:

As a UCI medical student, I got a significant amount of time to work with the residents and faculty in the family medicine residency program. needless to say, I enjoyed the relationships I built with these people and knew I would receive a tremendous amount of support in my development as a family medicine physician. I was also intrigued by the integrative medicine track. With such a large population in southern California looking for non-traditional approaches to care, I felt having this additional training would be greatly beneficial fund of knowledge to have. UCI also had a strong focus on aiding the underserved communities, which I closely identify with. And most importantly, I picked UCI because the University of California education system has not failed me yet!

Future Plans:

Naturally, I'm interested in pursing a sports medicine fellowship after residency, though I'm not entiresly sure in what setting and degree to which I want to utilize it.