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Tammy Chew, M.D.

Tammy Chew, M.D. Class of 2019

Medical School:

University of Toledo School of Medicine

Hometown: Carlsbad, California

Why UC Irvine: UC Irvine is able to offer me unique opportunities to learn and grow as a physician. At the continuity clinic in Santa Ana, I have learned from the faculty and our patients how to deliver health care across financial, social and language barriers effectively. It is also a valuable and rewarding experience to navigate the health care system with our patients who often lack resources. I am also impressed by how supportive our program is of residents. At UC Irvine, I am confident that I will broaden my perspective and grow to be a well-rounded physician.

Hobbies: Gardening, learning Spanish, traveling

Interesting Fact: I was born in Hong Kong

Future Plans: Outpatient primary care