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So La Lee, M.D.

So La Lee, M.D. Class of 2022


Suwanee, GA


Princeton University

Medical School:

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hobbies: Playing the violin and piano

Interesting Fact: Enjoys visiting antique stores

Medical interests: Having been part of and having seen parts of America’s holes in the healthcare system in medically and socioeconomically underserved regions during my intern year in Chicago and medical school years in Winston-Salem, I came to understand that many communities suffer from the lack of access to and unfamiliarity with the healthcare system, which eventually amounts to poor quality care. Thus going into Family Medicine is my way of and my hope for addressing this, as it is community-based, relational, and preventive.

Future Plans: My future aspirations in the field are to help integrate the clinic I work in within the community through projects for quality, affordable, and holistic care, with a particular interest in geriatrics, women’s health, addiction medicine, and medically underserved locations. I would also like to actively participate in mission trips with my church, with interest in global health.