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Audreyandra Imansjah, D.O.

Audreyandra Imansjah, D.O. Class of 2021


Jakarta, Indonesia / Hayward, CA


University of California San Diego

Medical School:

Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine- CA

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, discovering and eating delicious food

Why UC Irvine: Commitment to underserved medicine, opportunities for global health, and dedication to bring integrative medicine to all communities

Interesting fact: I love accessories involving pigs (dolls, keychains, etc)! My family and friends know of this fact that all of the accessories that I have are all presents

Medical interests: Underserved/community medicine, global health, integrative medicine, and women's health

Future plans: 
-Have a family of my own
-Work in an underserved community in CA while being actively involved in global health
-My dream: build a sustainable clinic in an underserved, rural third world country where medicine is currently non-existent and provide medical assistance to that community