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Prime LC residents with the Border Angels community group in Mexico

PRIME-LC residents visit the U.S.-Mexico border

PRIME-LC residents visited the U.S.-Mexico border led by the community organization Border Angels.

UCI medical students learn how to make a healthy meal for an anti-inflammatory diet.

Cooking classes help UCI medical students become better doctors

UCI’s School of Medicine wants its graduates to know what a healthy meal is, but also how to actually prepare one. For a second year, the medical school is offering a regular course in culinary medicine — basically, cooking classes with a hefty dose of nutrition education.

Many minor injuries can be treated at home

Home wound care do’s and don’ts

Dr Sara Etemad gives advice on wound healing

Mar Blek and her father enjoy each other's company during a visit to UC Irvine SeniorHaalth Center.

A daughter turns to UC Irvine Health for help

At UC Irvine Health, Mary Blek and her father received the support and attention they needed when they visited the SeniorHealth Center.